This 1% project commissioned by the City of Longmont, Colorado, is designed as an entrance monument to the city. The internally illuminated work is strategically integrated within the landscape so as to incorporate iconic markers within the viewing plane. The sculpture and landscape plan were designed to work together to focus viewers attention on two separate elements iconic to the city, Longs Peak and the old sugar mill tower.

The main body of the artwork, created from native stone, glass and steel rises out of the ground in an uplifting combination of linear and organic forms. Symbolically, the work references the enduring nature of the native stone and prairie grasses. Surrounding the main body and incorporated into the landscape design are 391 individual recycled limestone posts representing the original shareholders of the Colorado-Chicago Company which founded the city in the late 1800s.

Designed to be viewed at both high speed and at a pedestrian level, the piece sits along what is currently one of the busiest automotive corridors and eventually one of the most important connective bicycle corridors in the area.

I hope to upload photos of the mature landscape, including the 391 stones, sometime later this year.

*FLOR DEL LLANO* (Flower of the Plain)
*FLOR DEL LLANO* (Flower of the Plain)
steel, glass, stone, landscaping, LED lighting
Monument: 32' x40'x20'